Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Microsoft Preps Money 2006

From Windows IT Pro:

Microsoft Preps Money 2006

On July 5, Microsoft will ship Microsoft Money 2006 to consumers. Microsoft Money 2006 provides new online banking tools and an all-in-one solution for consumers seeking to manage their finances.

"Money 2006 was designed to build on the rising trend of online banking by offering all of the consumer's financial information in one easy-to-use location," says Anne Quaranta, the senior product manager for Microsoft Money. "With the tools and information Money 2006 provides, consumers now have a complete view of where their money is and has been, and understand where it is going."

Money 2006 includes an enhanced spending tracker for managing expenses, the ability to pay bills from multiple accounts, and greatly improved investment tracking features. As with Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006, consumers can preorder Money 2006 starting today at

Money 2006 Standard Edition will retail for $29.95, while Money 2006 Deluxe Edition will cost $59.95. A Small Business Edition will cost $89.95. Each of these products will come with various rebate amounts, however.

I haven't decided if I will be an early adopter (might inspire me to get back at it with my Money transaction logging) or if I'll wait for reviews and see if it is worth upgrading.


JLP said...

Every year I get my hopes up and go out and plunk down the necessary funds to purchase Money. I get home, load the stinkin' software, and immediately start getting frustrated because it won't do what I THINK it should do.

This year I THOUGHT it was going to be able to update my 401(k). Although it did it ONCE, it never did it right again. And, when it did do it, the numbers weren't exactly right.

Anyway, it's very frustrating.



Anonymous said...

MS Money and Quicken are way too bloated for me to keep track of finances. I organized my finances in a simple Excel spreasheet with just 4 worksheets. There are just way too many features to figure out how to use Money or Quicken. Not to mention, I don't have the time to learn the software. Gotta keep it simple