Monday, June 06, 2005

GBI Followup

Just a follow up to the CBI software review that I mentioned last week. I got an email from the make of the product, who says:

We have also realised that the US market is defnitely on of our biggest ones. That's why we have decided to have a US version.

In essence, the US version is the same as the other version but your dates are showed in US format (i.e. mm/dd/yyyy). You have the option to change that if you want. We are using IP addresses and a country-ip lookup table to determine the location of the visitors.

Also, to make it more competitive and to eliminate exchange-rate fluctuations, we have made the US version $20 per year (which I think is quite good). If you login to the site now and your IP address is a US one, you will be redirected to the US edition and the cost will be showed in USD.

We also have a UK version (in pounds) and an international version (in Euro).

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