Friday, June 24, 2005

Finding Time to manage your Personal Finances

Terri Cullen of the WSJ online, who did a piece on Personal Finance blogs a couple of months ago, has an article today on "Finding Time for Personal Finances"

One paragraph in the article discusses a hard part for many...sticking with your program:

Now comes the hard part -- sticking with the program. Again, technology to the rescue. I use the appointment calendar in my office email program to send alerts to remind me which tasks require attention throughout the month. If the chore is critical -- say, paying property taxes or renewing my insurance -- I'll flag the appointment as urgent so I'm not tempted to put it off. For more routine tasks, I choose one day a week and block out the time in my calendar to handle the task. If I simply can't take the time at that moment to get the job done, I make another appointment during the week. If I punt on the task one more time, I reschedule and then flag it as urgent. No urgent task makes it through the end of the week undone. Period.

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Anonymous said...

I check my finances on a nightly basis and pay bills as soon as I get them. Get them out of the way and use the remaining funds for whatever I want (ie: savings, spending). I usually just save the money, not a huge spender.

I don't know why people are so frustrated with their finances, people spend way more than they can afford. In the end, you'll get overextend yourself and get caught up in a rat race.