Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A New Year...

Here's the current snapshot:

As you see, December was a bit rough. Moving into a new place will do that to you. I'm glad I managed to stay away from using the money stashed away in the eMM account. As mentioned last week, I also set up a recurring deposit of $25 weekly to that account, so I plan to keep that growing.

Ah yes, the move. Here's the rough estimate of what I spent in furnishing the new place. You may have to click on it to enlarge it for viewing.

Move Tally

Some items are exact, others rounded up, as I misplaced a couple of receipts.

What's not counted is the cost for the cable company to hook up cable TV and Internet, as well as the initial food shopping expedition. You'll notice blanks next to some items...I just haven't gotten them yet. So I have no table and chairs in the kitchen, nor a chair and coffee table in the living room.

I also signed up for Vonage to handle my phone service. $25 a month handles all local and long distance...that helps as I've been making a lot of calls across the country the last few months, mostly using my cell phone's free nights and weekends feature. Now I hope to be able to talk on a real phone. As with a couple of things, I have MM at to thank for not only providing a review of the service, but also a referral that got me a deal.

The next item to get posted here is an exact monthly budget. I've got one worked up for the most part, but to get it here will be progress.