Wednesday, June 01, 2005

GBI Home Finance Manager

I've chronicled on here my adventures in using Microsoft Money and Quicken. I seem to have stuck with Money for the moment, but I should be using the Quicken for the small business side of things. I'll look into that.

There's another option that I've become aware of and that is the GBI Home Finance Manager, which is basically an on-line version of the previously mentioned programs. You can check out the program at the following location: (Or you can click on the banner in the right hand column)

Right now they're offering a free month to try it out. As with most of these type programs, it takes some time to set up all your accounts, but once you've got them in there, you have the advantage of being able to access them from anywhere. This is a bonus for people like me who like to enter your transactions as soon as possible. (Like filling my gas tank on the way to work and then entering that when get to work.)

The first thing you might notice is that currency is listed in pounds. Don't worry, you can change your preferences. It works with the dollar. While you currently cannot link to accounts and get automatic updates to those accounts, I'm told that this is something that they are currently working on adding to the program.

You can however, import both Money and Quicken files into the program. This is a help. The program seems a bit sluggish at times, but that is probably to be expected with a web based program like this one. You've got a menu bar, which stays with you as you scroll through the program. The menus are as follows: "At a glance" "Manage" "Analyse" "Administrate" "Help" and "Links"


On the menus you've got a lot of options, which make this more than just a Finance application, it's also a Personal Information Manager. You can add links to websites, add contacts, create documents, do a mail merge, and set up reminders.

All in all, I was quite impressed with the versatility of this on-line application. If they can set up a way to sync with various online accounts, the product will be even better. It's priced at about $28 for the year, so it is competitive with what you're going to pay to upgrade MS Money or Quicken each year.

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Moa said...

I have been trying to sign on to GBI Home Finance and an\m having the worst time with Security! Is it trying to keep me out of it or what? Maybe, you could help me with this. What is a 'Postcode' that they ask for in registration? And now that it's been forever since they answered an email I actually forgot my password so now how do I redo all this without getting kicked off?