Thursday, December 29, 2005

Deposit Put Down, More to ING

A fairly busy financial week for the last week of the year. Some of the events:
  • Received my payment for October and November from the Fox Sports Website.
  • Made a $500 deposit (from checking) for our Wedding location in California.
  • Transfered $600 to ING Direct for more savings.
We'll have some things coming up soon. We've got to start booking some of the travel for family, and also the honeymoon.

On a totally unrelated note, there was a financial downer this week as well. I received a call from a financial services company which handles my ex-wife's car loan. I was a co-signer on that loan. She's behind, and usually is every month. Now she is about 38 days past due.

Now I realize that my options for getting taking off the loan as a co-signer are slim and none. But it's a period of my life that I want to completely put behind me. She cannot refinance the loan in her own name because her credit is so poor. I'm not sure what my other options might be, but I'd be open to suggestions...


=)Bnpositive said...

Sell the car. If you make money, give that to your ex to help her buy a new affordable car. If you don't make money, you take on the debt so you know you have control over whether it gets paid.

Lisa Walsh said...

Let her know you will be taking the car if she continues to be behind. Then do it and sell it !! can't let your credit suffer because of her !! I have been there with my ex-husband and had to go a similar route

Chrees said...

I know during my divorce, the mortgage to the house remained in both names until it was refianced even though the house itself had a quick-claim deed transfering complete ownership to one person.

She still may be able to refinance with poor credit if she works where there is a credit union or some other helpful treatment. Other than that, I'm stumped as well.

Here's hoping your wedding site has survived the recent weather we have had out here!