Monday, December 12, 2005

More ING

Snuck an extra $300 over to the ING Direct account this week. Hoping to have $6000 or so saved in cash by the time the Wedding/Honeymoon bills start coming in.

Also have $100 more going to Sharebuilder today. For the first time, I'm actually seeing increases and decreases in the balance of the account due to the fluctuations of the stock market. Previously it might go up or down by a matter of cents, now I'm seeing it in dollars. It will be interesting to watch as the account grows to see how the market impacts. This account was created as my first foray into stocks, and is my testing ground.

We're looking at wedding locations, and it's always frustrating when you go to a place, tell them what you want and they verbally give you a figure that sounds reasonable. Then you go and tell them to send a written proposal and it is thousands more than they verbally quoted you. Not cool.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious, what is the sharebuilder?

Dave said...

Sharebuilder is an online brokerage.

SereneSaver said...

Congratulations on your engagement. One of the ways my husband and I cut costs was looking into public facilities outdoors(they usually cost less) and a "catered" affair by family cooking or a local restaurant. Although we didn't go that route ultimately, it would have saved us a good chunk of change here in NYC.