Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New Monitor

The fund drive at my other site was a success. $1500 brought in. That paid off my residual credit card debt, (I had a couple hundred on one of the cards from my vacation last month.) Now my only debt is my car payment. I don't have a cell phone bill, I get unlimited calls from Vonage for $25, I'm paying for my gasoline through the PayPal account, and the only other monthly bills I have are car insurance, electric and cable. (and Rent, of course) The next step is getting my food budget under control.

I got a new 19" flat panel monitor from Dell that I had been looking at...$300...normally it was at $480 or more. I justify this purchase with the fact that my old 15" monitor is now 4 years and I can use it for other things. I plan on doing more and more web stuff and need a good monitor to do it all on. The fact that I got a good deal on it was a bonus. The rest of my money is targeted to boost my checking account and some for savings.

I need to spend some time brainstorming ideas for my other webpages. The goal is still to simplify my life to the point that I can work from home, doing the things I have a passion for.

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Neville said...

Congrats on the fund drive!

Use your second monitor to create a dual monitor system.

When I bought my first flat-screen, I used the regular CRT monitor as a secondary screen. If you multi-task and are a fast computer user, you will love it!

You DO need another graphics card however, I spent $30 to buy a new one.


Cap said...

well if you have a graphics card that support dual monitor already, then its all peachy.

the 1905 is a good choice :) any monitor that spins is a good choice :) lol

but yeah those Dells are quite cheap these days I think. although 300 is quite a good deal. a few months back I sold a 1703 FP for $270 cash. so $300 sounds nice.

cheaper than my $350 17 inch. lol.