Monday, October 03, 2005

More income?

It appears that my wish to increase my income another $1000 a month has gotten a boost.

It's not totally passive income, but it is money that I'm not going to have to work really really hard to get.

The local Fox Sports News cable station has approached me about doing updates on their website about the local NBA franchise. I would do updates after each game with links to stories in the local papers, as well as a weekly column. For this, they have proposed $200 per week. That means $800 a month!

I'm hesitant to post about it, as I was supposed to do something similar for them last season and it fell through on me. They were very apologetic this time and have eliminated the "middle man" company they were using for last season.

I would be getting paid monthly, which would make it easy to distribute that income among the different accounts I'll be putting it in.

Let's hope it works out!


Pamela said...


Congratulations. I'm glad that you did post. Even if the offer is delayed again, which it won't be, these are the experiences that we can all relate to.

pfadvice said...

Congrats...a great (an fun) opportunity if it comes through. The extra $$$ doesn't hurt either ;)

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