Friday, October 28, 2005

Checking In

Got a few good payments this month on the web stuff, so I was able to pay an extra $100 towards my car payment and make a $400 payment on the credit card.

I'm left in pretty good position this month because I don't have to rely on mailing my rent check so that it will get there after my next payday. (Wednesday) I have the money right now, in the account.

A unit has opened up in my building for sale. Darcy and I are looking at perhaps buying the unit and building equity for a couple of years instead of paying rent and then either selling or renting it out. We'll see what happens, the realtor hasn't even returned our calls at this point.


Jonathan said...

Sorry if I haven't been keeping up - is Darcy your wife or girlfriend (or sister, mother, etc)?

Good luck with the house-hunting.

Darcy Q said...

I'm his girlfriend =)