Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Checking the mail

Went to the mailbox and found a couple of items of interest. Well, to me, any way.

The first was a notice from Capital One that they have actually increased the credit limit on one of my cards. Granted, it's only $500, but it's the first increase that I have received since I got the card, probably about four years ago. I don't plan on going out and taking advantage of my higher credit limit, but still it's nice to have them giving to me with having to ask them.

The second was a credit card offer. Yes, I do get plenty of these each week, and most of them are from Capital One. This one however was from Household Bank and is the first time that I am actually considering applying for the card. The offers I get...most of which are from Capital One...mostly consist of six months of 3.7% APR, followed by a 12.99% rate later on. This card would have a full year of ZERO % and an 11.24% rate after that.

Now I realize that that rate is probably still much higher than anything a lot of your would accept. For me, this is actually the best offer I have received in the last few years. I'm considering opening the account, just to have it. I currently have two credit cards, both zero balances, and both with Capital One. Does it make any sense to open an account with another company, but not use the account except in case of emergency?

Now, these are minor items, yes. But to me, in looking at them and thinking about it, it appears to be that I can take the increased credit limit and improved offers to mean that my credit is slowly rebounding. Without going and pulling my credit score to see for sure, I can use indicators like this to assume that my own personal "stock" and credit worthiness is slowly on the rise...

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