Saturday, March 19, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

I appreciate the various bits of advice and encouragement in the comments to my last post. (No Neville, I'm not sending my money to you) I looked around here and there, especially at Vanguard. That site was recommended to me in a couple of comments as well as by a friend of mine last summer. I thought I had checked it out at the time, but decided to double-check. Now I remember why I didn't do it at the time. It seems to me, maybe I'm wrong, but the minimum you can starting investing there in Mutual and Index funds is $3000.00. I don't have that in my checking account to use, and I don't want to take my emergency money and invest it all in that fashion.

I still may use Sharebuilder, if I did that, I would need to find specific stocks I want to invest in...which takes a lot of time to research everything...and I would set up a $25/week transfer to the Sharebuilder MoneyMarket account, and then, perhaps once a month I would take that $100 and invest it. That's about the best I can come up with. I think I really want to do Mutual Funds or even Exchange Traded Funds. I'm still such a dummy at this, that I can't really even tell if I can invest in those through Sharebuilder.

So I guess I'm still trying to figure out where to start.


Neville said...

To often people forget that investing your money doesn't always mean investing in stock.

Remember, you can start small side businesses too which will help you accumulate more money. Of course this is even harder than finding a great stock, but it's just reminder to not rule out small businesses as investing.

Neville said...

Yes, I realize there were some grammatical mistakes in my last post!