Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Month Goals

Financial things I'd like to accomplish in the next two months prior to the wedding:

Pay off my last remaining credit card: $610 (0% APR through May)

Pay off my Car: $3415 remaining. (A tall order)

Continue savings programs ($100 a month to ING, $100 a month to VirtualBank and $100 month to Sharebuilder)

Darcy's getting Lasik surgery at the end of this month. We're actually getting the work done in Montreal, Canada, because even with driving up there (about 4 hours from where we are) and spending 3 nights in a hotel, it comes out almost $1000 cheaper to have it done there instead of done here. The setup is kind of neat, they actually have Eye doctors in our area who do the pre and post op checkups, and then the surgery is done in Montreal. Even saving the $1000, it's going to be a rather expensive weekend. We'll try to keep things light.

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Kirby said...

Those are fantastic goals! Keep us up to date on your progress!