Wednesday, December 08, 2004


So's been awhile, huh? I didn't mean to take the whole month of November off from posting, but it happened. Here's the financial snapshot as of now to try to catch you up to date:

December Financial Snapshot Posted by Hello

As you see there was some progress made in the month of November, though not as much as I had hoped. I had wished to pay off the credit card by now. A trip to California, and some work on my car effectively nixed that idea. Now, the money I have in my checking account is likely going to be needed to be used for rent and a security deposit starting January 1st. Going to be tough after that point to keep up the savings rate that I've started. I was supposed to be getting another $2000 from a web project, but that appears to have fallen through for the moment, though it could be revived anyday.

You see a new entry above. Knowing nothing about the stock market really, I decided to take my first baby steps in that area. I opened an account with and put $200.00 into it. I bought $150 worth of Sirius (SIRI) and $50 of the Nasdaq 100. (QQQQ) Normally you would do the opposite, I know that much, putting the majority of your money into an Index type fund. Since it's a small amount, I reversed the roles. This is not serious investing, as I'm just trying to get some experience and work with this arena without getting burned too badly. As you can see, after the fees for purchasing the stocks and a couple days of losses on Sirius, I'm well down in my investment. I don't plan on checking it every single day, but I hope to keep adding to the Nasdaq investment slowly.

I'm not sure yet, but my overall goals may be shifting as well. I'm not sure if the part time by June idea is going to fly, but at the very least I do want to be debt-free by then and have more freedom to do whatever it is I want at that time.

Thanks to those of you who have inquired about the site, and if I'll be keeping it current. I do plan to do better. Keep coming back...

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