Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Spending Spree

I may have put myself back a little bit with a trip to WalMart yesterday. I'm going camping this coming weekend, and needed a few things that I currently do not own. I got a sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, camp chair and a few other things. Damage came to $171. Not too bad, actually, as this will probably be stuff I'll have for years. I needed an Air Mattress anyway, as when I go looking for new housing for January, I may not have a bed to move in with. I also purchased my groceries for the week in the same trip.

I mailed the $608.85 for the car and $370 for the charity. I'm still hoping to be able to put the $200 into my savings so I can then transfer $500 to VirtualBank later this week.

In some good news, my car insurance dropped from $102 monthly all the way down to about $25. This is because my ex-wife is no longer on the policy. It took them a number of months to take her off the policy. I suspect the rate will go back up a little bit at renewal time, but the savings in the short term is good. If I'm smart, I'll take that "found" $75 and put it towards savings or the bills.

I should have an update either tomorrow or the next day on what I end up doing with the finances this week.

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